Reviews of The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

“Even someone with no mathematical background will enjoy (Singh’s) accounts of the nature of infinity and the meaning of the number e, the life of tragic genius Srinivasa Ramanujan and the obsessions of Bill James, the oracle of baseball statistics.”
New York Times full review

“Singh uses the show as a thread along which to string mini-essays on some of math’s greatest hits”
Washington Post full review

“Singh unpacks the myriad throwaway maths gags that litter the hit animation series The Simpsons and Futurama. Singh’s delight in the hidden geekdom of these popular TV shows. His explanations of the complex concepts are fascinating, even (perhaps especially) if mathematics is not your strong suit.”
Cosmos full review

“Mathematical concepts both useful and obscure explained via the antics of America’s favorite yellow family!”
Mental Floss

“Loved the book and bought one for my mom.”
Al Jean, exec producer & writer of The Simpsons, Harvard mathematics graduate

“It’s Martin Gardner-esque.  Singh uses The Simpsons as a springboard to so many wonderful topics.”
Mike Reiss, senior writer on The Simpsons

“Blows the lid off a decades-long conspiracy to secretly educate cartoon viewers”
David X. Cohen, writer for The Simpsons and co-creator of Futurama

“Singh uses the show’s mathematical references as a way into discussing Fermat’s Last Theorem, Pi and the possibility of a doughnut-shaped universe. The clarity of his explanations is impressive, and there are some illuminating interviews with Simpsons writers, highlighting the parallels between solving problems and concocting jokes… this is a valuable, entertaining book that, above all, celebrates a supremely funny, sophisticated show.”
Financial Times full review

“Singh’s clean prose, detailed research and enthusiasm for the world of numbers are likely to captivate even those for whom maths normally creates feelings of anxiety rather than mirth.”
The Times – read more here

“Undoubtedly, his book is the perfect Christmas present for both mathematical savants and Simpsons aficionados”
Physics World – read more here

“It is also, as Simon Singh reveals in this enjoyable study of the many mathematical jokes that have been smuggled into the series over its 24-year history, the nerdiest television programme ever made.”
The Sunday Times – read more here

“A fun trip with the ultimate TV vehicle for pop culture mathematics.”
Kirkus – read more here